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Aquaculture Systems | AQUAPlex

What are Aquaculture Systems?

Aquaculture systems refer to the artificial systems used for fish or other aquatic organisms farming. These systems aim to mimic a portion of the natural environment and allow for controlled conditions for fish growth. Alta-CEA has developed a revolutionary recirculating aquaculture system making indoor fish farming more accessible and efficient.

Aquaculture Tilapia Farming

Designed for Rapid Disaster Relief Deployment

Indoor fish farming (aquaculture) is a burgeoning sector that leverages controlled indoor environments and advanced water processing technology to raise fish for human food consumption. New advancements in water filtration, oxygenation, and circulation technology make it possible for AQUAPlex to dramatically increase production, using a small footprint to supply a local community with fresh fish. AQUAPlex utilizes state-of-the art recirculating aquaculture systems known as “RAS” systems that incorporate bio-filtration, in which friendly bacteria consume the fish waste and convert it into a form of nitrogen that is safe for the fish and environment.

The AQUAPlex is a modular design for fast deployment almost anywhere in the world that can be serviced by container ship and overland logistics. The turkey technology is designed for assembly at the customer’s location, shipped with all the amenities for quick startup including offices, lunchroom, change room, and packaging & shipping area for live fish or fresh filleted fish.

AQUAPlex™ – 2592 SQ FT | Self-contained Turnkey Complex

Why Is the Tilapia the fish of choice for aquaculture: The most common and popular fish produced in freshwater aquaculture is the Tilapia, well known for its hardiness in its ability to survive in a wide range of water conditions. Their mild taste, firm texture, and high nutritional content have made them a favorite on the dinner plates, worldwide.

32 Ft x 72 Ft – 2592 Sq Ft

15,000 kg PROJECTED AVERAGE ANNUAL FRESH LIVE FISH PRODUCTION: Based on average 1.5 to 2 Pound (.453kg to .907 kg) Live Weight Adults.

NOTE: the system requires the first 6 to 7 months of ramp up cycle operation to achieve actual production rates.

AQUAPlex Floorplan
  1. Versatility: can thrive in various water conditions and temperatures, making them adaptable to different climates and locations, ideal fish for aquaculture technology like AQUAPlex
  2. Rapid Growth: are known for their rapid growth rate, which means increased production rates that can be harvested relatively quickly compared to other fish species.
  3. High-Quality Protein Source: a popular choice for human consumption because of their mild flavor and nutritional content.
  4. Reduced Environmental Impact: AQUAPlex is an eco-friendly production method that minimizes water usage and utilizes advanced ultraviolet technology to reduce potential pathogens without using chemicals.
  5. Educational Value: AQUAPlex offers an excellent opportunity for training and educational purposes. It provides insights into ecological interactions and sustainable farming practices, making it an engaging teaching tool for schools and communities.
  6. Tilapia reaches maturity in five to seven months at roughly 1-2 pounds, with exceptional fillets.
  7. Indoors, they thrive in fresh, clean water that ranges in temperature from 75° F to 80° F, ideal operating temperatures for RAS, bio-filtration technology.
  8. Tilapia grow exceptionally well using commercially available pelletized fish feed designed specifically for Tilapia fish farming.

AQUAPlex™ Electronic Systems

Electronic monitors and system controls
Electronic Fish Feeder

Monitors & Controls | Electronic Fish Feeders

Centralized electronic monitors and system controls, for HVAC, lighting, water levels, water flow, oxygen generators, and biofilters – wifi interfaced.

Fish Species

AQUAPlex™ Start Up

Personnel Total 8

  1. Administration 2
  2. Supervisor 1
  3. Aqua Tech & Live Shipping 3
  4. Filleting & packaging 2


240 Volt, 3 Phase, 150 Amps

Fresh Water Fill Total 73,100 L
(20,000 US Gallons)

Fingerling tanks: 24” x 48” x 30” (filled depth) = 566 L x 8 = 4600 L
Phase 1 Grow Tanks: 60” x 40” (filled depth) = 1850 L x 8 = 14,800 L
Phase 2 Grow Tanks: 72” x 40” (filled depth) = 4800 L x 8 = 38,400 L
Purge Tank: 72” x 40” (filled depth) = 4800 L x 1 = 4,800 L
Water Treatment Tank 9,000 L
Clean Water Totes (4) 1,000 L
Circulation System 500 L

Turnkey Start Up Tilapia Stocking Rates

Fingerlings: 1” to 1.5” 2000
Juveniles: 2.5” to 3” 2000

Turnkey Tilapia Fish Feed (1st 120 days)

Pre-starter 50 kg
Starter 150 kg
Grower 300 kg
Finisher 500 kg