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Solar Powered Vertical Farming Agrivoltaics

What is Solar Powered Vertical Farming & Agrivoltaics?

Vertical farming, made possible by the use of solar energy, has the potential to revolutionize the way we produce and grow food. This is due to the fact that vertical farming combines both immense food production potential and the ability to harness the power of renewable energy in the form of solar energy, and this allows for the creation of sustainable, self-sufficient systems.

Solar-powered vertical farming, or agrivoltaics, involves integrating solar panels directly into a vertical farming structure, allowing for the absorption of sunlight to be used for both the production of electricity and the powering of irrigation systems. The energy generated from solar-powered vertical farming is ‘clean’, low carbon, and renewable, making it a sustainable option when compared to traditional energy sources. The excess energy generated can then be stored for later use, adding to the efficiency of the vertical farm.

Alta-CEA & Grow Solar Agrivoltaics

Alta-CEA engineers have integrated vertical farming equipment solutions with the latest in solar power generation to creative a line of agrivoltaics capable of powering our hydroponic vertical farming systems.

Our Vertical Farming Systems


Alta-CEA have developed a completely modular growing environment that can provide all the necessary elements to grow leafy greens, vine crops, root crops, strawberries, and mushrooms. Using Indoor, CEA Vertical Farm Hydroponic Growing Technology, these modulars are designed and engineered to operate almost anywhere.

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CEAPlex™ Modular Self-Contained Unit floor plan


The AQUAPlex is a modular design for indoor fish farming that leverages controlled indoor environments and advanced water processing technology to raise fish for human food consumption.

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AQUAPlex Floorplan


FEEDPlex, a turnkey hydroponic fodder system specifically designed for growing nutritious sprouts or shoots, is crucial in healthy livestock feed.

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AQUAPlex Floorplan


Alta-CEA’s Grow Solar Shipping Container Farms are versatile and can be built in any location around the world, including cities or remote worksites.

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Container Farm

Our Solar Power Generators

A portable solar generator is a combination of a power generating station and a solar panel. The power station stores energy in batteries, and the solar panel collects energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. The solar generator is used to power the entire vertical farm from led lights to grow lights to controlling the climate and HVAC Functions as well as water purification and water nutrient drip systems.

Originally solar generators were designed to power small appliances like lights and phone chargers or larger devices like TVs and refrigerators. Alta-CEA Grow Solar have a new generation of power generators that can provide power to vertical farming operations that are in remote areas where a power grid is not available. Our systems are built on the power requirements for the system you choose, our engineers work with you to determine the correct agrivoltaics for your operations…

Grow Solar Systems

In developing the right agrivoltaics it was important to understand not only the power requirement of each system, but all the required systems to operate and maintain the system at optimum performance and reliability. Below is an overview of what our agrivoltaics systems are made of.

PV Array:

The PV or photo voltaic panels Aka solar panel modules are high grade units capable of producing 660 W to 6600 W depending on the number and configuration of the modules.

Power Monitoring Apps:

Our apps give you total control over your power usage at any moment, from anywhere in the world. Monitor usage, users, and equipment to maximize energy and machine efficiency through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, & 4G LTE allowing you real time monitoring, remote control, and total control over your existing equipment.

Battery Back:

Our batteries are matched with the unit to provide enough energy when there is no sun so that you can continue operations without reduced power levels.

Heliotropic Orientation Devices:

These units allow our PV modules to orient themselves to the best availability of sunlight. Just like a sunflower, these units adjust the modules in accordance with the changing sunlight angle, enabling our systems to double the average daily power harvest of the sun.


The key function of an inverter is to convert DC output power into usable AC power. Our inverter charger combines the inverter and the battery charger into a single unit, reducing parts and increasing efficiency!

Platforms and Structures:

A true mobile generator solution needs to travel into many difficult environments. We build our trailers and command centers from military grade materials to not only withstand the elements where they are operating but to make sure they can get there as well.

Making Implementation Easy

Our engineering team is here to help you determine the right solution and equipment to meet your specific vertical farming application. We work with you to determine the right vertical farm system that will work best with you needs including the type and configuration to selecting the correct size agrivoltaics or power systems utilizing a thorough load calculation to determine the power needs of your critical systems by our engineers.

Solar Powered Vertical Farming


We manage the installation of the entire system at your location to ensure everything is running smoothly.


We also offer a 60 -day comprehensive hands-on grower operations and technology training program available at the Alta-CEA Training Center for your grower techs and management while your modular unit is being built, delivered, and assembled.

Technical Support:

24/7 Technical and Advisor support is a available by phone, and internet streaming.

Grower Supplies:

Customer Service & On-line order processing for all grower supplies including seed, germination trays, substrate, grow rafts, and nutrient.

Equipment Support:

Customer Service & On-Line support for grower equipment, parts, and warranty.

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