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Vertical Farming Equipment & Solutions | Grow Solar

What is Vertical Farming?

Vertical farming is an agricultural growing method that grows crops in vertically stacked layers compared to traditional growing methods of a single layer either in a field or in a greenhouse and is often used in CEA controlled-environment agriculture techniques. This technique allows for maximum efficiency of space and minimal use of resources to produce crops.

Types of Vertical Farming Equipment?

Companies like Alta-CEA use a variety of advanced technologies and equipment to enable vertical farming in areas where traditional farming is either not possible or has significant challenges. The three most common types of equipment and solutions include.


Combines fish farming with a hydroponic system to grow plants. A pump circulates water with fish waste to plants above a tank, providing plants with nutrients and fish with clean oxygenated water.


Hydroponic vertical farming is a modern farming technique that involves growing plants without soil, using nutrient solutions in a vertically stacked setup instead.


Plants are submerged in a nutrient-rich mist solution. This method can reduce disease and pests, and produce cleaner, less contaminated harvests.

Vertical Farming Solutions

Alta-CEA Solutions

Alta-CEA has developed a line of vertical farming solutions designed for specific applications and crops to address the world’s challenges in producing crops.


Alta-CEA have developed a completely modular growing environment that can provide all the necessary elements to grow leafy greens, vine crops, root crops, strawberries, and mushrooms. Using Indoor, CEA Vertical Farm Hydroponic Growing Technology, these modulars are designed and engineered to operate almost anywhere. By adding solar power technology combined with a water filtration system the entire unit becomes a self-contained growing farm that can operate anywhere from the desert to urban areas.

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CEAPlex™ Modular Self-Contained Unit floor plan


The AQUAPlex is a modular design for indoor fish farming that leverages controlled indoor environments and advanced water processing technology to raise fish for human food consumption. The turkey technology is designed for assembly anywhere in the world at the customer’s location, shipped with all the amenities for quick startup including offices, lunchroom, change room, and packaging & shipping area for live fish or fresh filleted fish.

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AQUAPlex Floorplan


FEEDPlex, a turnkey hydroponic fodder system specifically designed for growing nutritious sprouts or shoots, crucial in healthy livestock feed. This system ensures a reliable supply of feed and offers higher nutritional quality. FEEDPlex incorporates several advanced technologies that set it apart as a leading solution in hydroponic fodder production.

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AQUAPlex Floorplan


Alta-CEA’s Grow Solar Shipping Container Farms are versatile and can be built in any location around the world, including cities or remote worksites. It solves the problems associated with traditional farming, such as water scarcity, soil quality issues, and decreasing land availability. It also incorporates solar power to solve off-grid locations. Our indoor farming system enables farmers and growers to produce crops year-round, regardless of the weather, and harvest continuously throughout the year.

Container Farm
GROW SOLAR Shipping Container Vertical Farming

Selecting The Right Vertical Farming Equipment

Fortunately, Alta-CEA makes the evaluation and recommendation process easy for you. Because we are both the developer and manufacturer of all the solutions on this page, our experts are ready to meet with you to discuss which system would best meet your application requirements. We can also handle the entire process from sales to delivery, installation, and training of your staff. It all starts with contacting one of our CEA Experts to discuss your project.

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