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Shipping Container Vertical Farming | Grow Solar

What is Container Farming?

Container farming is a vertical farming system that uses modified shipping containers for growing food inside without the need for power, water, sunlight or nutrients. Essentially, the container protects a controlled environment that is ideal for growing crops, providing a solution for sustainable agriculture in small spaces.

Alta-CEA’s Grow Solar Shipping Container Farms are versatile and can be built in any location around the world, including cities or remote worksites. It solves the problems associated with traditional farming, such as water scarcity, soil quality issues, and decreasing land availability. It also incorporates solar power to solve off-grid locations. Our indoor farming system enables farmers and growers to produce crops year-round, regardless of the weather, and harvest continuously throughout the year.

Steel Container Turnkey Growing Technology

Grow Solar Container Farms Feature “Turnkey” controlled environment agriculture (CEA) hydroponic growing systems that give you complete control of the growing environment inside a steel shipping container. The Grow Solar shipping container farms make it possible to grow delicious food 365 days a year with thousands of high-value crops like lettuces, leafy greens, herbs, roots, edible flowers, and more in just 320 sq. ft.

Container Farm

Grow Solar Container Farm complexes are designed for all aspects of the cultivation process. We pride ourselves in growing solutions that offer licensed growers a scalable, turnkey solution that can be tailored to a grower’s specific needs.

The Grow Solar Container Farm has growing applications for operations of all sizes, from small or startup businesses that are scaled for cost-effective startup and production. For larger businesses, Grow Solar Container Farms offer an opportunity to efficiently take advantage of dedicated space and capital resources to increase production due to increased market demand. Grow Solar Container Farms can be configured to be stacked high and wide to accommodate growing space demand.

Depending on the customers’ requirements, Grow Solar Container Farms allow licensed growers to be up and operating in as little as 6 to 10 weeks. The custom prefabricated, turnkey building code-compliant complex is delivered, assembled, and commissioned ready for operation, unlike traditional buildouts. This means significantly less time waiting for development and construction permits, and more time for growing and ROI.  The Grow Solar Container Farms can be ordered and equipped with standard or custom remote monitoring climate control systems, cost-effective LED lighting, HVAC/dehumidifiers and airflow systems, and security-compliant surveillance systems.

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Container Interior

Options: Solar Power, Gen Set, Water Treatment

Designed for CEA Growing Applications

Farm Dimensions: 40’ x 8’ x 9.5’
Plant Frame Size: 1200*650*2000 mm
Bed Arrangement: 4 layers x 16 groups x 2 sides
Pro HVAC & Dehumidifier Climate Controls
Full Spectrum LED’s & Controls
Pro Intelligence Water & Nutrient Controls
Bed Mounted Cross Air Fans – variable speed
Annual Crop Output: 2–6 tons (depending on varieties)
Equivalent Land Yield: 2–4 acres annually
Power Usage: 151–350 kWh/day (avg.)
Water Usage: 5 gallons/day (avg.)

Suitable for Leafy Greens, Herbs, Root Crops, Strawberries, Microgreens, Animal Fodder, and Cannabis