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Off Grid Hydroponics & Vertical Farming

What are Off Grid Hydroponics?

Off-grid hydroponics is a method of growing plants without the electricity from the grid or having utility power using a hydroponic method. The Kratky method, developed by Dr. B. A. Kratky of the University of Hawaii, is a popular off-grid hydroponic technique. It utilizes a deep water culture system where a nutrient solution is kept at appropriate levels in a container as the plants absorb water and nutrients. The system was developed using net pots and 5 gallon buckets and was intended for small growing applications. Today there is a critical need to grow plants in areas that do not have electricity or are subject to power outages due to weather disasters or remote locations. Advancements in technology have enabled Alta-CEA to develop off grid hydroponics that can be used in larger vertical farming applications.

Hydroponic Vertical Farming on a Large Scale

Alta-CEA have developed a completely modular growing environment that can provide all the necessary elements to grow leafy greens, vine crops, root crops, strawberries, and mushrooms. Using Indoor, CEA Vertical Farm Hydroponic Growing Technology, these modulars are designed and engineered to operate almost anywhere. By adding solar power technology combined with a water filtration system the entire unit becomes a self-contained growing farm that can operate anywhere from the desert to urban areas.

Imaging the benefits of being able to grow fresh crops in almost any area of the world regardless of weather or power availability. Now image the impact this can make on providing an efficient method of producing food for people all over the world. No need to transport food or animal feed long distances but rather creating a viable farm

Vertical Farming & Integrated Solar Power

Alta-CEA Grow Solar offers a line of solar power generators and solar energy harvesting systems that can fully operate a modular vertical farm without the need of being connected to the grid. Integrating solar power with vertical farming offers the potential of growing crops in remote areas that do not have utility power or can be used in disaster relief due to environmental conditions like hurricanes.

Grow Solar offers a solar generator with a heavy duty 3KW 120VAC inverter with a 220 option that also has a built in MPPT solar charge controller, lightning protection, GPS worldwide position data, and full system monitoring making it a perfect solution for mobile power applications like integrating with the 2160 sq ft CEAPlex Modular Self-Contained “Turnkey” vertical farming module.

Use FEEDPlexTM With:

Our solar power generator provides enough power to manage the entire vertical farm module:

  • Multi-level grow systems
  • Controlled LED lights and grow lights
  • HVAC Climate Control System
  • Water & Nutrient Tanks with Auto Drip Irrigation
  • Water Purification System
  • Wi-Fi
  • Remote Camera & Audio
Vertical Farming & Integrated Solar Power

Additional Integrated Solutions

Alta-CEA can integrate solar power with all of our vertical growing systems. we can integrate the type of hydroponics with our solar power technology.


The AQUAPlex is a modular design for indoor fish farming that leverages controlled indoor environments and advanced water processing technology to raise fish for human food consumption.

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FEEDPlex, a turnkey hydroponic fodder system specifically designed for growing nutritious sprouts or shoots, is crucial in healthy livestock feed.

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Alta-CEA’s Grow Solar Shipping Container Farms are versatile and can be built in any location around the world, including cities or remote worksites.

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CEA Training

Our Team of Professionals

We proudly partner with professional engineers, builders, and general contractors who will work with you to ensure your space is ready for an Alta-CEA designed system. If you have an already existing facility that you would like to adapt for a CEA operation, our team will help design a unique system to suit your space. If your interest is in a new build, “TURN-KEY” facility our team will create the design, build the facility, and supply all the technology required to get the operation started.

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